How to participate

You can participate in the competition with a maximum of 10 pages of a short film script. The theme of the competition must be seen in the script.

The script must be sent to the competition organisation via email. The e-mail address is:


The script must be written in script format. Examples of movie scripts can be found in imsdb.com. You can also use specific writing programs that modify the text straight into script format. Remember, the format is secondary; the content is what matters!

The script must be written in English. Choose a nickname and write it on the cover page. Do not write your name in the script. The scripts will be juried anonymously.

Save your script in pdf format and send it as an email attachment. In the email, text write your nickname, your name and your contact information (address, phone number, email address and date of birth). The subject line must read “Northern Script”.

Deadline for participation is 5.9.2021.