How to participate

In 2023 Northern Script will be organised for the previous alumni of Northern Script. If you are interested to join us once more, please send us your most recent unproduced script or a script you have been hiding in your drawer.
The choice is yours, we would love to have you back with us!
Here below information on how to participate in the Northern Script 2023 Alumni Program


The script can be based on your own life experience, or it can be purely a creation of your imagination. There are no restrictions on genre. You can decide which style you want to use. 

Script Max Length: 10 pages
Script Font: Courier
Font Size: 12

Examples of movie scripts can be found on The Northern Script participants can also use specific writing programs that modify the text straight into a script format. However, the format is secondary; the content is what matters.

NOTICE! Northern Script wants to encourage equality by allowing every participant to write under a nickname. Earlier merits, name, gender and nationality are left out of the equation when participating under a nickname.

Only writing skills matter. You just need to choose a nickname and write it on the cover page. In this case do not write your name on the script! The scripts will be juried anonymously.


Northern Script embraces all Nordic languages. Therefore you can write your original script in your own Nordic mother tongue. The approved languages are: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Faroese language, the official languages spoken in Greenland and Sápmi region. You can also write your script in English.

NOTE! Although the Northern Script drives to increase the use of Nordic languages in script writing, sufficient English language skills are still required. The qualified finalists will participate in an International Script Writing Camp at the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival in November 2023.


The deadline of your script submission is 2 August 2023. Submit your script here!! Northern Script Alumni Submission 2023 (

NOTICE that the script doesn’t have to be a final version of the script by 2 August. It can be any draft version.