My name is Asta, I’m 25 years old and from Odense, Denmark. I have always dreamed of becoming a filmmaker and always felt drawn to the art of filmmaking. I have spent several hours in movie theaters, and in DVD stores so as not to miss the latest movies, as well as the oldest ones for that matter.

I have always been driven by storytelling, and although it took me some years to figure out where to stand in it all, I feel like I finally found my purpose and the place where I belong – in screenwriting!

It’s not just the fact of being recognized as a screenwriter that I am passionate about. My passion lies in the process and all the maladaptive, uncertain and unknown paths to a finished product, that gives me sweat on my forehead and life in my heart.

There was once someone who told me that the path to the dream is not a straight line, but a path full of detours. After a lot of educational detours, I am now sitting here, as a 25-year-old, with an open dream of becoming a screenwriter, and I feel more passionate than ever before, and now I’m finally ready to give it a fair try and seriously look the possibilities in the eye.