Introducing Northern Script -FINLAND workshop leader, Anna Heinämaa


The Northern Script 2023 alumni programme which unites young Nordic writers together has finally kicked off with several scriptwriting workshops starting all over the Nordic countries. This year Northern Script has online scriptwriting workshops in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Northern Script respects different Nordic languages and that is why  all the local workshops happen in the participant’s own local Nordic language.

Each week we present one Nordic workshop leader. Here is the story behind the Finnish Northern Script  2023 Alumni workshop leader. 


Northern Script Finland got very lucky this year as we were able to get hold of the talented scriptwriter Anna Heinämaa who happened to have some free weeks on her schedule and be this year’s Northern Script 2023 Alumni Finland mentor. 

In her mentoring workshops Anna gives 30 minutes long feedback to each alumni twice. She also encourages peer-to-peer feedback. All the alumni students are therefore asked to read the other writers’ scripts before the mentoring workshops. The feedback sessions happen in a group environment making it possible to hear several feedback and learn to give feedback to others as well. Heinämaa feels it is important for young scriptwriters to hear different kind of feedback and learn from them.

Each of the alumni students have been thrilled so far of the constructive feedback they have received.

Northern Script Finland workshops are held between 29th of August until 14th of September.


Anna Heinämaa who is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, and novelist who writes both for adults and young people. She created the original script for “The Fencer” (2015) which made the Oscar-shortlist for Best Foreign Language Film and was nominated in the Golden Globes; her next film “One Last Deal” (2018) premiered at TIFF in the prestigious Contemporary World Cinema lineup. Both films were screened in numerous festivals and distributed worldwide. Heinämaa’s latest work is a feelgood comedy “The Second Act” (2023) which she co-wrote with writer-actress Vera Kiiskinen. The film premiered in Stockholm,starring Lena Olin and Rolf Lassgård.