Introducing Northern Script -SWEDEN workshop leader, Torbjörn Jansson

Northern Script 2023 Alumni workshops in Sweden were held between 22nd & 30th of August. The workshop mentor was Torbjörn Jansson, a Swedish writer & script consultant who is currently based in Uppsala, Sweden. 


The Pitch Stop work-shop provided five emerging screenwriters with the opportunity to listen in and get feed-back on their first draft short-film scripts as well as getting hands-on tools for development and re-writing. 

During the course of the 3 x 90’ on-line workshop, Jansson focused on fine tuning the projects in accordance with their authors intended emotional core. Thus preparing it for a writer’s draft communicating the script’s ‘perfect pitch’, i.e. balancing EMOTION, STORY and RHYTHM. 

During the first session, writers tuned in to the project as well as author’s personal pitch. By talking about movies in a self referential way, writers homed in on the art of abstracting ideas and emotions. 

The second session was focusing on reading the scripts, casting the group as actors. The author of each project listened in: did it sound right? Did the new voices – outside of the authors head – generate new ideas or alternative readings of the story? Writers discussed the script’s emotion, story and rhythm, referencing Walter Murch’s ‘The Rule of Six’. 

The third session wrapped it all up in preparation for the final re-write, by having the writers pitch their projects log-line, as well as following up on the core impetus of their projects.

After the first and  last sessions , there were one-on-one feedback sessions. As much as the nitty gritty of script writing is hard work (transpiration), fuelling the creative energy (inspiration) and projecting it in the right direction: that’s when the magic happens!

The meeting between people is the essence of all storytelling, and the medium is the message: the script is an audio-visual spell, creating inner visions to be materialized and projected on the screen, there to be met and connected with the audience. 

And it doesn’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing! 


Writer & script consultant Torbjörn Jansson, has been developing international kids and (young) adult content in all media, on all platforms, for over 30 years. Having been working both as  a development executive as well as talent himself, his approach as a script consultant is to help define synergies between creative and producery matters from the get go. Torbjörn’s own credits include animated tv series such as PETTSON & FINDUS and CREEPSCHOOL, as well as four theatrically released feature films. Torbjörn holds a degree in Media Production and History of Science & Ideas and is currently based in Uppsala, Sweden.