My name is Mattias Staaf and I’m an amateur screenwriter. My favorite movies to watch and write are the ones that hide another story in between the lines. I love to talk about movies and the craft behind them.

I have always loved movies, but I wanted more than to just experience them. Therefore I went to University for screenwriting. After University I stopped writing for a while, and instead focused my full attention on a childhood gaming dream. After living online for 2 whole years I once again turned my attention towards the movie world.

I moved in with my girlfriend and we started a hobby movie group. That group is now in its second year. In the first year we made 8 short films and grew to 10 active members.

We are still learning the craft and getting better and better results. Hopefully we’ll send our short films to festivals in the near future.

I’ve been writing screenplays for 5 years now and I’m finally starting to not absolutely hate the finished scripts. I’m still growing, so I hope that through the Northern Script network, we can learn and grow faster by helping each other.