Meet the workshop team of 2020

Artturi Rostén

McWhirter Photography
McWhirter Photography

Despite his short career and young age Artturi has done a lot in many places. He has successfully graduated from Juhana Herttua art, theatre and media based high school and from the Film & Television study program at the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences as an editor and director. During his education and film studies Artturi was involved in 92 different AV-industry projects. After graduation the pace of productions and work haven’t slowed down.

Artturi works mainly as an editor for commercials, feature films and documentaries but has directed dozens of short films ( of which some have won awards at international festivals), several music video productions and three feature films. By commissioned work he has also slowly slipped in to the world of professional, almost daily screenwriting routine.

Artturi loves genre-content and is investing on the subject. He will be lecturing about horror film theory and dramaturgy at University of Turku fall 2020. At the moment he is working on a horror short with his team, writing a horror-drama screenplay for series and a crime feature with horror elements.

Aku Salminen

Aku Salminen is a screenwriter and artist from Turku, Finland. He has written screenplays and scripts for short films, TV-series, escape rooms and video games.

Aku and Artturi have collaborated in several projects, with success, and have a mutual understanding of project goals.