News: Meet our Northern Script jury member – screenwriter Paula Mononen

Paula Mononen

Paula Mononen is an experienced screenwriter. Mononen got her Master’s degree on screenwriting from the University of Arts and Design, nowadays Aalto University, in 2010 and have been working as screenwriter ever since.

Mononen has been involved in a couple of feature film projects, but TV drama is what puts the bread on the table for her, and for most screenwriters in Finland – Paula also happens to love it! Mononen has written a miniseries and worked in writers’ rooms on several Finnish series, like Bordertown.

Even though serial drama fills her working days, Paula enjoys the feeling of wholeness in features and short films.

– When writing a short film, you have great creative freedom and can really play with the form. And, at the heart of any dramatic writing, the same basic virtues apply: how to hold your audience’s attention from the first seconds to the very end, Paula says.

Paula is really looking forward reading the scripts of the Northern Script finalists’. She will work as a jury member together with Mikko Peltotupa.