News: Screenwriter Anna Brotkin’s workshop for Northern Script finalists

This year Northern Script will invite best six writers to an online workshop held 18. – 20.11. 2021. One of the workshop teachers this year is an experienced screenwriter Anna Brotkin.

In her workshop, Brotkin will talk about creating great characters to your stories. In the workshop Northern Script finalists’ dive into the world of character development through lectures, talks and writing tasks. 

The workshop includes themes such as:

  • What makes a good main character for a screenplay?
  • How to write interesting and multifaceted characters that make the audience believe in your story? 

Introducing the lecturer

Anna Brotkin. Kuva: Antti Grundstén

Anna Brotkin (born 1987) is a screenwriter from Helsinki, Finland. She’s the creator and writer of the hit-series Aikuiset (“Adults”) broadcasted by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

She has also worked as a head-writer for a comedy show called Putous (“Comedy Combat”) and as a staff-writer for several comedy and drama series including Jättekiva, Pohjolan laki and Rehtori.

She’s also written several short movies that have traveled film festivals such as Palm Springs ShortFest, Aspen Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival and Seattle Shorts. Anna Brotkin has a master’s degree in screenwriting from Aalto University.

If you want to participate in this year Northern Script competition, please remember to send your max. 10 pages script no later than 5th September 2021. Send it via e-mail to: