Northern Script 2020 is over – here are the winners!

Northern Script 2020 is over! The competition was very tight but in the end the judges decided on two scripts to be awarded. Teemu Körkkö with the script The Dead of night got the honourable mention and the prize winner is… Alisa Korva with the script Out of Sight! Congrats to Alisa and Teemu!
All of the finalists, judges and hosts deserve a honourable mention so here they are all together. From the top row from left to right: Alisa Korva, Ilmari Lappalainen (producer), Teemu Körkkö, Artturi Rostén and Aku Salminen (workshop hosts), Susanna Salmi, Mari Tirkkonen, Noora Jalokinos, Camilla Roos (judge), Sanni Mättö, Kirsi Vikman (judge), Mikko Peltotupa (judge) and lastly Artturi Rostén again.
This was the first time that NoSi was organized online and the experience was very positive. Whether the final will be organized online next year again is yet to be decided, but this year has shown us that it’s very much possible to organize a fantastic workshop from the safety of your own home. The next few months will tell how the competition will move on!