Northern Script 2023 camp: What to expect

This year’s Northern Script camp is just two days away. The camp will be organized together with the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival between 15th -19th of November 2023. 

Ten Nordic scriptwriters from all over the Nordic countries are gathering tomorrow in Helsinki from where we start our  trip towards Oulu where the camp is held. This year’s camp is special as the camp is only directed to previous year’s alumni. The standard of writing has been extremely high this year showing a glimpse of a very bright future for the next generation of Nordic film makers. 

The camp leader is Faroese writer and director Andrias Høgenni who Northern Script was lucky enough to have as a camp leader also last year. Andrias is energetic and his way of teaching is captivating. His workshops will include a ‘writer’s room’ type of working environment where the participants write, brainstorm, pitch and develop their writing skills . The task of Mr.Høgenni is to mentor and coach the ten chosen Northern Script finalists in their professional development as a scriptwriter.

Northern Script works closely together with Oulu Vocational College. Each year the 2nd and 3rd year media students of  Oulu Vocational College produce, shoot and edit three Northern Script short films. The scripts are made by the Northern Script camp finalists and the shooting, acting and editing by the media students from Oulu Vocational College. At the end of the camp in the Oulu Film Festival Awards Ceremony, the finished films will be presented in front of the festival audience.

Throughout the camp, there will be collaboration between the local Media students and the camp finalists strengthening the international connection between the two. This year we have also increased the networking opportunities with the finalists and the film professionals. On the 18th of November there is a special International Pitching Event where the finalists get a chance to pitch their own script in front of a Nordic Film jury.

The Northern Script Camp finishes with a celebration with the local Media students and the Nordic scriptwriters in a hope to unite Nordic Film students more tightly with each other.

You can follow Northern Script on Instragram #mediametka where there will be daily  articles about theNorthern Script camp. 

Article written by Johanna Lappalainen

Photos by Johanna Lappalainen