Northern Script Alumni Programme was a success

The Northern Script 2023 programme was trying something completely new this year. The programme only reached out to the alumni students from the previous years and was inviting the alumni to write a script to us by 2nd of August. All together, the programme got over 30 scripts from all over the Nordic countries. We are happy that so many of our previous students wanted to be part of the Northern Script experience again.

All of the accepted alumni students will get local mentoring during August and September with their scripts in their own Nordic language.  After the mentoring programme the participants’ scripts will be judged by the local Northern Script Jury. Each local jury will choose the best script writers to participate in the Northern Script camp in Oulu in November. The local jury will not only judge the writing skills but the active participation in the mentoring programme will be monitored  as well. The programme seeks young writers who are passionate about writing and seek new learning experiences.

The Northern Script camp will be arranged together with the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival in Oulu in mid November 2023. All the finalists’ trip to Oulu and back, accommodation, food and other activities will be paid by the Northern Script programme.

Congratulations to all the alumni students years 2017-2022 for your participation in the  Northern Script 2023 Alumni programme! We are glad to have you back with us

More information about the programme coming later this autumn.



Written by the Coordinator of the Northern Script 2023 Alumni programme, Johanna Lappalainen