Northern Script Kick Off Event 22nd of April was kept this year remotely. There were young participants from all over Finland interested in scriptwriting and short films. The workshop leaders, Mette Lagerstam and Elina Vitkala, spoke in general about films and scriptwriting. In their speeches it was emphasized how short films are actually the royal genre of filmmaking and how difficult it is to make a condensed short film in which each scene and remark is carefully thought of in advance. When successfully done, the short film is considered to be a real diamond. In her own speech, Vitkala also spoke about the different funding opportunities for short films and the challenges of distributing them.

Following both Lagerstam and Vitkala’s proposal, Northern Script will start a common WhatsApp- group for the Northern Script 2022 participants administered by Vitkala and Lagerstam. In the WhatsApp group each participant can give suggestions on what kind of things Northern Script Workshop -Main Event 2022 could be focusing on this year. 

Northern Script workshop 2022 will be held inside the legendary Film Theater, Orion 13th of May between 11am-1pm.  The workshop will focus on Short Films and Scriptwriting and how to write a good Short Film. More information about the event can be found from the Northern Script webpage. 

There are limited seats available inside Cinema Orion, so be fast to enroll to the Northern Script 2022-Event @ nosi(a)