Nordic Voices

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Iceland have strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties with each other. The Northern Script project includes the rest of the Nordic minority groups (Greenland, Faroe islands, Åland Islands & the Sami Regions) under the Nordic Cultural Umbrella making the Northern Script truly a Nordic project.

Northern Script promotes all the Nordic languages by allowing participants to write their script in their own language. The possibility that each underrepresented group can write their Film Script in their own language encourages the youth to keep their minority language well and culturally alive. Each Nordic country also gets to organize a Pre-Selection Jury & Pre-Workshop in the participant’s native language.

In addition Northern Script wants to encourage equality by allowing every participant to write under an alias. Earlier merits, name, gender and nationality are left out of the equation when participating under a pseudonym. Only writing skills matter.

The more Northern Script supports young Nordic script writers, – the more versatile voices will be heard within Nordic Film production from Copenhagen to Helsinki and from Reykjavik to Nuuk.