In 2023 Northern Script will be organised for the previous alumni of Northern Script.  We are asking all Northern Script writers from the previous years to send us your most recent unproduced script or a script you have been hiding in your drawer.

Earlier experience of screenwriting is not required. Instead personality and courage are emphasized. The participants can write the scripts in their own Nordic mother language or in English. The previous alumni of Northern Script have time until 2 August to write their scripts.


For all of you who will make the submission by 2 August through this submission form, there will be an opportunity to join four (4) free online Northern Script scriptwriting workshops  in each of the five Nordic countries. Expect intensive and fulfilling work on your own script supported by our Northern Script experts. As a Northern Script Alumni you are welcome to submit your work according to the given guidelines.


After the online workshops, a Nordic expert jury will make a shortlist of scripts for two purposes. Firstly, for the selection of film production by OSAO in Oulu and secondly, for the selection of Northern Script Camp in 2023 in Oulu. The selection is based on your own work effort during the workshops and the quality of the final script.

At OSAO film school, the media students together with their teacher will choose 3 scripts from the shortlist. These scripts will go into production (storyboard, shoot, edit). The three chosen scripts and their scriptwriters have a chance to collaborate and work online together with the OSAO media students from mid-September until mid-November and have their say on the production. This year we are putting emphasis on the voice of the Nordic youth and the collaboration with the other scriptwriters and the movie production team. 


The Northern Script culminates in a Script Writing Camp at the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival in November. At Oulu Northern Script Camp you will be able to take part in the intensive Northern Script writers room to be inspired by experts, by peers and by the Nordic film community. A special prize will be offered for one of the participants, more about it later!

The Northern Script Camp will be held in mid-November in Oulu in Northern Finland. Exact dates will be confirmed later!

Mediametka owns the rights for possible program changes.