How to participate

You can take part in the Northern Script by participating in your local Script Writing workshop(s) in your own Nordic country. The workshop(s) are arranged each year in April & May. The Northern Script is proud to partner with the following organizations:

Finland, Mediakasvatuskeskus ry

Sweden, BUFF Children’s and Youth Film Festival

Norway, NUFF Youth Film Festival

Åland islands, Åland Film Commission

Denmark, Odense Filmværksted

Iceland, The Icelandic Film School

Faroe islands, Klippfisk

Greenland, Filmiliortarfik

Sápmi – Samiland, Skábma

The workshop participation is voluntary. All the Northern Script participant needs to do in order to take part in the Northern Script is to send your Short Film Script via Email to the local Northern Script partner by 22nd of August 2022!

NOTE! The theme of the competition must be seen in the script.

Northern Script 2022 theme is TEMPTATION.

You can use the theme in your scriptwriting in multiple ways. You can use the theme literally, symbolically or from an emotional perspective.  The theme can also be related to societal circumstances. 

The script can be based on your own life experience, or it can be purely a creation of your imagination. There are no restrictions on genre. You can decide which style you want to use. 

Script Max Length: 10 pages
Script Font: Courier
Script Size: 12

Examples of movie scripts can be found in The Northern Script participants can also use specific writing programs that modify the text straight into a script format. However, the format is secondary; the content is what matters.

Northern Script wants to encourage equality by allowing every participant to write under a nickname. Earlier merits, name, gender and nationality are left out of the equation when participating under a nickname. Only writing skills matter. You just need to choose a nickname and write it on the cover page. Do not write your name on the script! The scripts will be juried anonymously. The participant needs to save the script in PDF format and send it as an Email attachment. The subject line must read “NORTHERN SCRIPT”.

The Email should contain following details:

  • The Script in PDF format with participant’s nickname on the cover page
  • Participant’s name and the contact Information: Address, Phone number, Email address & Date of birth

Remember to send your script to your local Northern Script Partner by 22nd of August 2022!