Open Call for Northern Script Youth Committee!

Northern Script is searching for 18-29 year old script writer enthusiasts who want to be part of a Northern Script Youth Committee year 2022. We are looking for participants from the following countries: 





Åland Islands

Faroe Islands



Sami region between Finland, Sweden and Norway 

We don’t expect you to be a master of script writing or to have a lot of previous experience of film script writing. What we are searching for is enthusiasm for films & script writing and being motivated to meet online other aspiring scriptwriters across Nordic countries.

As a member of the Northern Script Youth Committee you will get to decide the annual Northern Script theme and get a chance to write video blogs & articles to our Social Media Pages. Besides this the Nordic Youth Committee will get a chance to get their voices heard in the planning of the Northern Script Writing Camp during Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film festival in November 2022.

Interested? Send us an Email and tell us about your background and why you want to be part of the Northern Script Youth Committee. The E-mail address is  The choice of the Northern Script Youth Committee will be done during February 2022 and all the selected members will be notified well in advance.

NOTICE! All Northern Script Youth Committee members can also participate in the local script writing workshops later this year and get a chance to be elected to represent their country in a 5 day long Northern Script Writing Camp at Oulu.