Presenting Northern Script finalist, Brage Norløff Grindeland(NO)

Brage Norløff Grindeland, 23 (NO)

My name is Brage Norløff Grindeland and I am a 23-year-old student from Stavanger, Norway. I applied for this year’s Northern Script Competition because I and fellow co-writer Kjetil submitted the year before and became one of the finalists back then. This experience was so great that it motivated me (us) to continue this year as well. 

I have worked with scripts for a long time, being an actor at the local children theatre (The Children and Youth Theatre at Rogaland Theatre) in Stavanger. I already started writing back then, but my great fascination for screenwriting didn’t really emerge before I started studying directing and being able to work alongside Kjetil. At this moment I am in my last year of a bachelor’s degree of a director studies. I have also during this time been fortunate enough to shoot a short film, which will be finished early next year.