Presenting Northern Script finalist, Mimmi Riikonen (FI)

Mimmi Riikonen, 22 (FI)

My name is Mimmi Riikonen and I’m a 22 year old student from Finland. I’ve wanted to apply for Northern Script for a long time… but I suck at planning, and so I’ve always ended up forgetting to write a script before the application time closes. This year I took it as a mission to not forget – and here I am! 

I’ve alwys loved writing (however cliché that is). Ever since I knew how to tap buttons on my mom’s computer’s keyboard I’ve written short stories, poems, scripts, essays… anything goes! I’m currently studying at a film school and working as an screenwriting intern for a reality television show. On my freetime I sing, occasionally work out, play Pokémon on Nintendo and dream about publishing a book. (Someday I might even actually start writing it. We’ll see.)