The Year 2022 was phenomenal as Northern Script got more scripts from the Nordic countries than ever before in our history. Over 60 scripts were sent to the Northern Script Jury in different Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands) by the talented Nordic storytellers. This year’s theme was ‘Temptation’ and the theme was shown in the scripts literally, symbolically and some from an emotional perspective. 

Congratulations to all the Northern Script finalists and to all of you who took the initiative and wrote us a script this year. You are all very much valued!! Each participant will receive feedback on your script during this autumn.

Year 2022 finalists are:

Mimmi Riikonen  (Ei tippa tapa) FINLAND

Anna Hirvi  (Release it) FINLAND

Kerttu Pakkasvirta (Varas Ikkunassa) FINLAND

Ester Melin Högberg (Katten och Musen) SWEDEN

Brage Grindeland  & Kjetil-Heimdall Hansen (Unwanted) NORWAY

Emma Finot (Strike) DENMARK 

Khali Hashi (Det er sidste gang) DENMARK

Rebekka Rut Svansdóttir (Rapture) ICELAND

Sølvi Næs Hoydal (Tonigh was the night) FAROE ISLANDS

All the finalists will automatically be selected to the Northern Script Group Scriptwriting Mentoring Program which lasts from 12th of September until 14th of November 2022. Each Nordic finalist is also invited to join our one-week-long Northern Script camp in Northern Finland, Oulu, located only 170km from the Arctic Circle (14th – 20th of November 2022).

The scriptwriting camp is totally FREE for the participants. Transportation, food, accommodation, international workshops, international film lecturers, local scenery, local sauna and VIP Tickets to the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival are all included. At the end of the camp, all the Northern Script Group Short Films will be shown in front of a live audience during Oulu Film Festivals. 

Next year we will arrange a new Northern Script with local Nordic workshops starting in spring time 2023.

Northern Script is always in a lookout for new committed members for the Youth Committee. More information about how to participate to the Youth Committee here on our Webpage.

Stay tuned for interviews and articles about our wonderful finalists and their journey with the Northern Script Mentoring Program and the scriptwriting Camp 2022!