The Northern Script Jury Decision: Presenting the finalists of the year 2023

The Northern Script 2023 Alumni Programme had several online mentoring  scriptwriting workshops during August & September in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. All the local workshops were a huge success. After the mentoring workshops, the scripts were given to the Nordic Jury to be judged. 

The Nordic Jury used a common  Northern Script Judging Criteria as a guiding line to choose the best scripts this year. The focus was on the text and in the professional development during the mentoring workshops. The Nordic jury was happily surprised by the level of writing in the Northern Script alumni participants. By writing more drafts, anyone of this year’s participants could reach the point where their script could be made into a short film. 


The Northern Script 2023 alumni programme finalists are:

Vili Jauhiainen (Finland) –Overnight in Concentration camp

Noora Jalokinos (Finland)  – Salainen tanssi

Jaana Jääskeläinen (Finland)–   Lost and found

Mathilde Graf (Sweden) – Sagan om Nick

Maria Jacobsson (Sweden) – Att hela det onda

Kjetil Heimdall-Hansen (Norway) – In a New Light

Brage N. Grindeland (Norway)–  In a New Light

Frederik Grønning (Denmark) – Ett moderne demokrati

Lasse Krintel (Denmark) – Festklown

Rebekka Rut Svansdottir – A Happy ever after

Gogo Bergmann – Útrás

Each of the Northern Script 2023 alumni programme finalists will present their own Nordic country this year at the Northern Script camp in north of Finland Oulu this November. The finalists can be proud of themselves as the ten scripts were selected from over 30 scripts from different Nordic countries.


The Northern Script cooperates with the Oulu Vocational School Media Department. All ten scripts will be translated into English this week and sent to Oulu Vocational School Media Department. The 2nd and 3rd  year media students from Oulu Vocational School Media Department will read each script with care and choose three scripts to be made into a short film by the beginning of the Northern Script Camp 14th – 20th of November. 

All three short films will be shown at the Awards Ceremony in the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival 18th of November 2023. The three chosen scripts & their scriptwriters will be working closely together online with the Finnish filming crew so that they can communicate about the short film development in its different stages.

The Northern Script camp will be held between 15-19th of November 2023 in north of Finland , Oulu, during Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival 18th of November 2023. The camp leader will be the talented Andrias Høgenni from the Faroe Islands. 

Andrias Høgenni – Biography

Andrias Høgenni is a Faroese film director who moved to Denmark in 2009. He graduated from Super16 in 2018, and his thesis-film “Ikki illa meint” won the Canal+ Award for best short film at Semaine de la Critique in the Cannes 2019 festival. It also won the Danish Academy Award (Robert) for best short film the same year. He has since directed two Tv-series for Danmarks Radio. The latest one being “Ingen vej tilbage”, which premiered on DRTV in 2022.

The Northern Script camp will include a ‘writer’s room’ type of working environment where the participants write, brainstorm, pitch and develop their writing skills with the help of a Mr.Høgenni.  The participants  will also have the opportunity to watch some films of the Oulu Children’s and Youth Film Festival  during the workshops and in their own freetime if wanted. There will also be a pitching opportunity to all finalists in front of an international jury. In addition each of the participants will  get feedback in a group environment as well as 30min long individual feedback from Mr.Høgenni.

All the finalists’ trip, accommodation, food, workshops, VIP tickets to the Film festivals are paid by the Northern Script programme. 

In the upcoming weeks we will continue introducing  the Nordic workshop leaders and we will also present the Nordid finalists and their backgrounds.

Stay tuned for more interesting articles about the Northern Script and what happens next!

Article written by the Northern Script programme coordinator, Johanna Lappalainen

Photos by Johanna Lappalainen, Miikka Ylipekka & Andrias Høgenni