The writing confidence came back – Read Alisa Korva’s Northern Script experience here

Alisa Korva, winner of Northern Script 2020

I don’t remember when exactly I heard about Northern Script for the first time. But what I do remember is how I was always reminded of the competition just a few days after the deadline.

Every year I’d see a link on Facebook or somewhere similar and get super excited only to notice that I’m a few days too late. Thankfully this year that wasn’t the case.

In 2020 the theme of the competition was not far from the theme of the year itself; ”isolation”. I, just like everyone else in the world, was feeling down, scared and tired of being isolated from other people.

I didn’t feel like focusing on anything and I was constantly restless. However, I wanted to write about a different kind of isolation – the feeling of being isolated from everyone while still being surrounded by the people you care about the most.

As summer turned into fall and the finalists were revealed I was more than surprised to find out, that I was among the six! Like most things, Northern Script had also turned from a live event into an online one, but this wouldn’t stop us! Although I really would’ve loved to visit Oulu and meet everyone in person. Hopefully some other time!

The workshop was quite intensive, and it really felt precious to spend a few days talking about nothing but storytelling and screenwriting with people, who were just as into it as I am. 

On Friday we even had a chance to have a casual hang-out as well – on Zoom of course – which was surprisingly fun!

When the final day arrived, I assured myself that I wouldn’t win, since there were so many great screenplays to choose from. Hearing my own name come up was unreal. Especially because I’d had a long episode of self-doubt in writing. But thanks to Northern Script, I finally got my confidence back.

I’m now in my second year of studying screenwriting at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Most of my time is currently spent on producing a short film I wrote earlier this year. Other than that, I’m most likely training my puppy, playing video games or writing a book, that I’ll hopefully get to finish at some point.

I’m so very grateful Northern Script was arranged during a time like this, when everything else was postponed or canceled. I’d like to end by thanking all the other participants and especially the organizers for an inspiring and unforgettable experience!

Thank you for the memories!


Alisa Korva,  in March 2021