Wanted! Creative and unique scriptwriters to participate in the Northern Script Program 2024!

Do you have a talent for writing stories? Do you have a unique voice?

We seek scriptwriters and storytellers to participate in the Northern Script Program 2024.

Northern Script is a scriptwriting program aimed at 18-29-year-old writers living in the Nordic countries. This year we are also inviting writers from the Baltic countries to submit their work.

Northern Script is a program that supports the participants in finding their own voice and in developing their scriptwriting skills. Earlier experience in scriptwriting is preferable, but it is not required. You have to have willingness to learn and be ready to develop your skills. Our program supports unique storytellers who want to write and tell their own stories.

The deadline of your submission is 2 May 2024.

All who have submitted their work can join local scriptwriting workshops organised in partner Nordic countries. Based on the work done in the workshops, the Northern Script jury will shortlist 10 writers and their scripts. OSAO media school students will further select a maximum of three short film scripts for film production. What is more, the same 10 scriptwriters are chosen to participate in a scriptwriting camp during Oulu Children’s and Youth Film Festival in the north of Finland. The camp is totally free for the participants. Transportation, food, accommodation, international workshops, international film lecturers, local sights, Finnish sauna and film festival tickets to the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival are included.

Northern Script program is run together with its long-term partners Oulun Kansainvälinen Lasten- ja Nuorten Elokuvien FestivaaliOdense FilmværkstedBUFF and Icelandic Film School. The program is supported by the Nordic Culture Point.

If you are an aspiring scriptwriter with a talent of telling and writing stories – this program is for you! Submit your work through this link! (In order to submit, you need to have a working googlemail address. If you do not have a googlemail address, please send us an email to metka(at)mediametka . fi. We will then guide you how to submit.)