Sápmi/ Samiland

I’m Evá Elle Ritva Xia as we say in Sámi, aka Xia Torikka. I’m a journalist working in Yle Sápmi and I am also the producer of social media channel Sohkaršohkka for Sámi youth. I’m from Angeli, finnish side of Sápmi and I’m raised in a reindeer herding family. I also work with reindeer. My mother has worked with media so it has been a very natural choice for me to study media and film at Sámi education centre. 

When I was a child, we had a lot of film workshops at elementary school and I wrote and directed my first short film when I was 12. The film also won the Oskari-competition (national children’s film competition). Nowadays I’ve been working mostly with documentaries. 

I’ve always liked documentaries the most but I want to challenge myself with fiction writing.